New exclusive light musical show for the Christmas season in the Brixner Hofburg from 26 November 2020 to 06 January 2021

For six years now, locals and guests have been looking forward to Italy’s unique light and music show in the courtyard of the Brixner Hofburg every winter.

Following the great success of recent years, the Brixen Tourist Cooperative is presenting a new light musical show in the picturesque setting of the Hofburg from 26 November to 6 January. In a new winter fairy tale, Liora, TickTack and other characters will enchant visitors* with colourful pictures, new music and live singing, taking them on an extraordinary journey.

After last year’s great festival that brought the Hofburg to life, people continue to enjoy their time together and have fun. But for fear of losing these beautiful moments and memories, they put them in heavy boxes and lock them up in their cellars. Soon a blanket of darkness covers the world and joy has disappeared from the faces of young and old. The protagonist, a young girl named Liora, experiences a moment of darkness. It will be Monsieur TickTack who will help the girl to find the lost happiness again.

Discover with us the preciousness of the moment and let yourself be enchanted by the 25-minute light musical show!

Hofburg Brixen